About Aid El Salvador
Aid El Salvador was founded by a Health Volunteer living in rural El Salvador after observing first hand the lack of educational opportunities available to children in rural communities of El Salvador.  She realized that education is the most effective key in breaking the poverty cycle and improving over all quality of life.  At this time she decided to consolidate her efforts in providing academic scholarships for children in rural El Salvador with veteran Peace Corps Volunteers who served in El Salvador, as well as several other avid Latin American travelers, residents, and international development workers in October of 2004.
Since 2004, AES has awarded $200,000 in scholarships to 200 students in the primary, secondary, vocational, and university levels.
Most AES funds come from churches and private donors in the United States and all donations are 100% tax deductible under the IRS charitable organization code 501 (C) (3) with administrative costs only absorbing 10% of the total donations received.
To date, AES investments have been from over 100 different communities in El Salvador. Families in these communities are mostly subsistence farmers and fishermen whose average monthly income is $90-$120.  Corn and beans are the main crops and therefore the staple of the Salvadoran diet.  Most families plant small vegetable patches to improve family nutrition and they often sell the surplus for extra income.  Most families live in either small mud or cement block houses with outdoor kitchens and latrines.
Due to the high rate of migration from the region (both to larger cities in El Salvador and the United States) its not uncommon to see multigenerational homes where grandparents, aunts, older siblings and single mothers are raising children.  The new family dynamic has worsened the immediate economic situation as women are not traditionally bread winners and have little economic power.
AES strives to provide educational opportunities to underprivileged youth studying in primary and secondary schools as well as at the university level and vocational schools, acknowledging the importance of education in the present and future of El Salvador.  As a secondary focus, AES is dedicated to executing related infrastructure projects.

We believe in empowering Salvadorans through education to participate in local development initiatives, training them how to access available resources and improve their quality of life.

We believe in educating youth populations recognizing that education is the key element in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and helping ensure a better economic, social and political future.

We believe in the people in rural communities who define the need for development projects and actively participate in the planning, management and execution of said projects.